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IVDD Success Stories


PARALYZED JENNY March 2017 & RECOVERED JENNY March 2020 IVDD Paralysis is not a death sentence! When caught early it can typically heal ! Sometimes not fully. Jenny never had an MRI or surgery. Simple strict 7 week cage rest and steroids for inflammation This is what giving her the time and space to heal looks like. We follow the protocol as outlined by Dodgerslist- Disc Disease - IVDD Education & Support. It works! Jenny was also a fortunate recipient of stem cells generously donated by Animal Cell Therapies, Inc. we know that amplified and boasted her success. Sadly vets, ER”s and neurologists don’t tell you this. They scare you into $6K surgeries or talk about euthanasia and quality of life! That is pure greed and lies! Most dogs will recover with cage rest especially when caught early. But if your dog doesn’t their life isn’t less enriching without the use of their legs. It’s only our selfish perception that believes that. Your dog will always have quality of life if you continue to provide them with your love and care. We have dogs that get adopted out in carts and have no idea they are different Paralysis is not a death sentence unless a human makes it one. Please share and let others know what is possible. We are happy to guide people with resources to help them and their dog. Thank you!