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IVDD Success Story

Paralyzed Jenny March 2017 & Recovered March 2020
IVDD Paralysis is not a death sentence! Please share her story to let others know what is possible.
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Highlighted Animals
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  Ellie Sue
Ellie Sue is a super sweet happy chihuahua.  She isn't for everyone so please read carefully before you apply to adopt. Ellie Sue will steal your heart.  That being said, before you apply you need to accept 2 conditions.  Ellie Sue has a cataract that requires eye meds. more about Ellie Sue
Alumni  Super Sweet Senior, Mickey Seeking A Forever Home!  Poor Mickey!  Through no fault of his own he has had at least 4 homes!  We found him in 2016 at a community free access shelter at the height of the canine flu!  Not only was that a strike against more about Mickey
Meet Veronica, an initially shy but wonderfully affectionate kitten. Once she warms up, her playful and confident nature shines through. Veronica loves cuddles, exploration, and playtime, making her the perfect companion for those seeking a loving and lively feline friend. Don't miss the more about Veronica
Amy's journey is nothing short of remarkable. She arrived at our rescue as an X-Puppymill Mom, along with three other standard poodles, in April 2023. On their first day, they stood frozen in the kitchen, huddled together, a poignant reminder of their past life at the mill. Three months later, more about Amy